Release 0.3.2

Hey TestPilot,

Min Vid will be pushing an update today including some of the following changes.

version number -> 0.3.2
release commit ->


  • Remove case causing too much recursion in metrics pings
  • add L10N support
  • lots of bundle size optimizations
  • minimized ui fixes in Linux | Vicky Chijwani
  • fixes with icon overlay | ASCIIbreakdown
  • persist audio settings | danrr

Shouts out to Vicky Chijwani, @ASCIIbreakdown, and @danrr for their
contributions this release!

At the time of writing this, Min Vid is at 92,874 users!


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We had an issue in Firefox 49 (release) where we were using const in a for loop. We’ve pushed out a fix this afternoon. I hope this didn’t affect too many of you.

There was recently a fix pushed to firefox for this misinterpretation of the spec.

Our issue.

Thank You,
-Dave Justice