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I like the principle to remove the search area for all centralized in the address bar and thus recovered from space.

My comments are as follows:

  • A color filter for each proposal (eg the blue line to the proposal
    coming from our bookmake red to search for our default search engine,
    yellow for direct link proposal etc.)
  • That a page load bar appears at the bottom of the address bar (like Firefox on Android)
  • Why each line of pop research proposals as its menu so thick? (Same problem in the bubble of download but that is not the subject)

It is necessary that the current possibility of the search area is
switched to the address bar: like adding a new search engine with a
simple click (without going through addons.mozilla.org) or to choose to
launch an search in the search engine that is not default.

I do not know how that call, but when loading a page or that one
survile hypertexe a link, there are information that appears in a pop-up
surte bottom left or right Firefox. It would be good if his information was carried in the address bar or just deleted (or an option exsiste for disabled)

I think it is very important that from the Option menu => Research
there was a setting option of maxium linked to the address bar / search
eg on or off the famous popup information or move them to the / address bar to enable or disable the universal address bar.

  • Always in Option => Search to add a search engine by hand (by
    typing the address directly) without going through addons.mozilla.org
    That’s all for this time.

I hope you will notice its some helpful :slight_smile: