Add new saved login since password API was killed

I know that password api was killed by the quantum upgrade, also I follow the tickets about it’s not being implemented, so basically all password management addons were killed.

So I’m confused how am I currently supposed to add new passwords to the Saved Logins password storage?

Obviosuly for pages disabling password saving, or using javascript fsckery to make it invisible to FF.

I have envisioned a right click menu on a password field “remember THIS password”, but the most general way would be an “Add” button in the Saved Logins dialog.

Without these it’s a PITA to create a new entry (since you’ve killed password manager plugins, but possibly I have already mentioned that). [UPDATE] Actually, it’s not even possible to hack new enties since onlu username and password is editable, the URL isn’t, so I can’t even trickit to create a new entry for example[.]com/example/example then modify it for stupidsite[.]net/username/pw. Also there is no export or import; therefore I correct myself: it’s not PITA but impossible, apart from directly hacking the file on the disk.

If there’s a better, saner way I am not aware of it, and I am open to your wisdom.

(As a sidenote: you’ve killed the master password timeout addon as well, so right now MP doesn’t timeout, which made it bloody insecure. But that’s not strictly related to the problem above.)