Add On does not automatically upgrade

Hi guys. We are having a small issue with our add-on and I was wondering if anyone could help. We have launched the browser extension of Elliot for Water, a search engine that donates water when you search ( we then made an upgrade but the new version is unable to overwrite the old one. Therefore, people are facing issues unless they manually go and upgrade the addon from the market. Do you know where this issue could come from and how we could fix it?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @andrea_e4w, I see that version 1.0.3 has been approved. Users should be receiving that updated version shortly after it was approved if they haven’t changed their update settings (the default setting is to receive automatic updated).

Are you seeing information on your dashboard of other reports that new users are not getting the 1.0.3 release?

Hi @caitlin, thank you for your answer!
I try to explain more, maybe it helps to figured out the issue.
Our extension add our search engine as default one.
We updated it other time and had no issue, this time we updated the query parameter of our search page (not sure if is relevant, but might be. Is definitely a bigger change then the previous ones.)
Now, our user told us that they still get directed to the old query parameter, not the new one.
Some of them, got the extension updated but they still had to go to Firefox Search Shortcuts, delete our search engine and then install the extension again.
Might be that the extension is updated but the settings are not?
And if so, is there any way how we can prevent that?

And to answer your question: New users are getting the 1.0.3 release.
The problem are the users that already got the extension.
We didn’t have info from the dashboard (how can we see?) but we had users contacting us directly with this issue.

I assume the problem is that Firefox set the default search engine strings in a settings file (like search.json.mozl4) according to version 1.0.2, and Firefox is ignoring the change in version 1.0.3.

Does Firefox update the strings in either of these cases:

  • Change to a different default search engine and then back to the extension
  • Disable and re-enable the extension on the Add-ons page

Either way, it seems like a bug in Firefox that the saved default search engine strings from an extension do not follow extension updates (or notify the user to approve the change, if that is the desired effect).

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Got it. You may want to ask them to check their extension update settings to make sure they receive automatic updates. Here’s a how-to article you can send them:

To view your extension’s dashboard, log into the Developer Hub and click the link “Edit Product Page” under your extension’s name. On the next page, click “View Statistics Dashboard” on the left-hand sidebar.

View Stats Dashboard

You’ll see several links for specific dashboards, but the one you will want to look at is “By Add-on Version.” That will show you a table of currently active versions and how many users are using each version. Hopefully that can provide some insight about how many users have gotten the upgrade.

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Thanks @jscher2000 and @caitlin! Both your answers are very helpful and helped a lot to make lights to our issue.
We will ask our users to upgrade it manually, if they find problem.
This is definetly not ideal.
@jscher2000 would you suggest to let Firefox team knows that we are having this issue? In case is an actual bug, they might want to work on it.
If so, would you know how/where to best report such a issue?

If you have “steps to reproduce” that a developer could use to observe the problem, then it’s a good candidate for Bugzilla: