Add-on is not showing in google search result

Hi All, I have implemented a add-on and its review status as Approved but it’s not showing on google search result. Can you please let me know what to do in order to show my plugin in google search results.

Google needs to discover it first.
If you have some kind of homepage known by Google already, you might be able to speed up the discovery of your add-on by linking to the add-on from the homepage.

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+1 to what @stig said.

Assuming you are talking about an add-on you created from the email address in your Discourse profile, it looks like it has been indexed by Google:

You may be interested in reading Google’s SEO Starter Guide to learn more about the search indexing process. :slight_smile:

Yeah regarding that plugin if search with the following keyword “Selenium2Cucumber” without the quotes then it’s not showing in the google search result.

Can you please let me know what I need to do in order display the result with partial plugin name?

It might help the indexer if you provide more metadata about the add-on on your listing page. We’ve got some tips at

Beyond those tips, the SEO Starter Guide might have more advice.