Two Feature Requests for the addons.mozilla Site


I have two feature requests I would like to ask for:

  1. When an extension’s page loads and we scroll down to the “Add to Collection” section it should automatically inform us if we have already added that to one of our collections or actually installed it. I often go to add an extension to a collection (not remembering if I’ve come across it before) then I get an error message in red saying I had already done so at some point. It would be nice to have a visual indicator to alert me to it having already been saved or installed. Didn’t the old site use to do this?

  2. When searching for extensions I would absolutely love the ability to ignore certain authors. The reasons why could be several: either I don’t like their quality of extensions or I don’t know for certain I can trust them; or in the case that brings me here to write all this – I’d like to block one person because they have 300+ addons that show up in my search results and they offer nothing more than a visual change to the New Tab page.

I am looking for tab extensions I can use, that provide value and fulfill an actual need I’d like for my browser. I don’t need to see 300 of his New Tab backgrounds cluttering up my search results. Instead of seeing 30 pages of actual extensions that may or may not be of use to me, I have to sift through 52 pages (22 of which is because of him) to see if there is anything I can use that may be mixed in with his stuff. If I could ignore that addon author then I can keep his extensions out of all my search results.

I hope you will consider these requests of mine.

Thank you in advance.



Gotta give this a +1000 absolutely should have this feature!


Absolutely agree with @Mark_Kehn! + Guys do something with this AMO site. It’s horrible! Where are the tags in single addon view? Why info about add-on is hidden behind one click? This giant blue bar which is saying “login to rate this addon” is so annoying! In the same time real rating of addon is barely visible on the right corner! It is gray out why?! For user is more important info about rating than inf about loging!

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Mark, you can report issues for the add-ons site here:

The first one is certainly worth considering. The second one I think would have very limited use, so it’s probably not worth the time investment.

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I also recommend you join and follow the discussion about the design of Add-To Collection here:

Should I be opening a issues report for the new design, as per my last post about it here in July 2017?

And here, today?

Yes. Just make sure that you file individual reports for each issue.

For those interested, here are the links to the Issue Reports for each of the items I have identified…You may want to add your comments or simply subscribe to follow along on the development:

Add To Collection - List not sorted by name –
Add To Collection - Cannot search the list –
Add To Collection - No indicator showing which collection(s) the add-on already belongs to –
Add To Collection - There is no link to open collection from list of collections –

NOTE: Without all these 4 changes to re-implement the original design, the ‘new’ Add To Collection has VERY LIMITED usefulness.