Addon regected from AMO, where do I find out why?

I had an addon (recently) published on AMO and visible in search results, however yesterday it was marked as ‘regected’ and then as ‘incomplete’. I haven’t had any notification as to why and can’t seem to find any explanation anywhere in the developer hub.
Anybody know where I can find why it was regected as without this info it’s quite hard to fix any issue present?! Thanks :slight_smile:

Which add-on is it?
Please post the URL.

Hi, sorry for not including that. It’s called ‘Eloquent - New Tab Page’

It was actually me who reviewed your add-on and you should have got an email explaining the issues.

That’s strange as that was what i was expecting, however I’ve definitely not received an email to any of my accounts, even in spam. Is there any other way I can see the feedback?

I have resent it to you… I hope you will get it.

Still no, although I’ve had a look back at the emails i’ve received from Mozilla and I used to get an email whenever an update to my addons were published.
Since 7 Jan 2017 however, I haven’t received any email from mozilla despite publishing about 10 updates.
It would appear I’m just not getting emails fullstop??

Is the email you have on Mozilla still active?

Anyway, here is a copy…

This version did not pass the review because of the following issues:

  1. The use of ‘unsafe-eval’ is not allowed in the manifest.json’s CSP as it can cause major security issues.

Please fix them and submit again. Thank you.

Please note the following for the next update:

  1. This version contains obfuscated, minified, concatenated or otherwise machine-generated code. Please provide the original sources, together with instructions on how to generate the final XPI. Source code must be provided as an archive and uploaded using the source code upload field, which can be done during submission or on the version page in the developer hub.

Please read through the instructions at
More Information:

Established libraries (eg: JQuery, bootstrap) do not require the inclusion of their sources.
Please use non-custom versions of jquery-ui, as well as the stock version of jquery and others, that match the checksums in

  1. Please remove all unused permissions from the manifest.json

Thanks for the response, I’ll address those issues and resubmit. The email address registered is still active (tested it today) and i’ve had emails since Jan from mozilla, just none relating to addon submission ect.

In the Developer Hub you can go to edit your add-on, then click on Status & Versions and look at the review history for the latest version. There you can see and reply to review messages even if you’re not receiving our email.

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Thankyou very much,that’s what i was looking for!

hi erosman,
our add-on (NonRival Data) was approved by Mozilla developer’s team before 5 month ago, now in this month we have updated new version and reviewer says that you are using minified code that’s why we removed your all old versions including this one. …
we are not using any minified code, nothing is hidden. at least they should clarify what exact problem is, so that we can resolve it

If you want someone here to look at your extension you need to share a link that is still working. Otherwise, there was a tip earlier in this thread about finding more review details on the versions/status page.