Addon removed from listing - a plea for review :D

(Alex Evans) #1

Hi there!

This post is partly to say to the community that I have learnt a lesson in how reviews and approvals work for addons… lesson learnt, the hard way!

The second part of this post is an outright cheeky request to see if someone is available to review the newly submitted version! Why? Everyone thinks they’re special sometimes - but that’s not what I’m trying to claim here, just to see if anyone is willing and able to help!

There is a plugin called “Qantas Shopping” - this is Qantas Airline’s very first foray into browser plugins, and to be honest, I completely missed the email from the initial reviewer. The issue was that it wouldn’t work in Ubuntu, which we are not looking to support. We’ve updated and uploaded for the next review 2 days ago but still working through the queue.

Why do I deserve help? Well, I suppose I don’t, but I’m asking nicely because we’re in a large organisation here and we had already deployed the front end code and pages to the site, but it links to a broken page in the addon store… we’ve delayed our marketing for 2 days in the hope the review would come quickly, and pulling the front-end changes is now a complex activity with a load of impacts, and I’ve lost the fight for prioritising this.

Any help appreciated - if I ask too much, I’ll crawl back into my hole and stay quiet!


(Alex Evans) #2

Currently position 7 of 9… up from 11 of 11 about 30 hours ago, getting there but I’ve only got 20 hrs until my marketing slot disappears :frowning:

(Caitlin Neiman) #3

Hi @alex.evans, could you please email your request to amo-admins [at] mozilla [dot] org?

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