Addon "Under Review" and can't install from listing URL

(Dovy) #1

I have a extension I submitted 2 weeks, 5 days ago. I am trying to understand why it’s taking so long.

I also have tried installing it via the addons install (direct link to the directory), but I get a “it’s corrupt” message.

Can someone give me some direction as to what’s wrong here? I was able to get it running locally fine…

(erosman) #2

Firefox wont let you install unsigned addon (unless yo are using the dev/unbranded version).

Please note that new uploads must have a higher version number. Deleting an old upload does not delete its history (eg 2.5.0 --> 2.2.0)

Addon also contain unnecessary files:
__MACOSX … and its content

(Dovy) #3

Updated all which you requested. Now 2.5.1 & no .DS_Store or __MACOSX.

(Dovy) #4

@erosman did this get lost again? What else do you need?

(erosman) #5

I am afraid, there are a lot of addons in the queues and few reviewers. :frowning:

(Dovy) #6

@erosman would it be better to just host the plugin myself then? I’d hate to get in this queue with every update. :frowning:

(erosman) #7

Minor updates often get done very quickly.

(Dovy) #8

Been waiting for over a month for someone to review my addon. I resubmitted the info like requested within a day. Can we get this pushed through?

(Dovy) #9

@erosman Can you help?

(erosman) #10

I had a quick look at your addon …

1- What is the point of making the code hard to read (obfuscated)?

 	(function( w, c, a ) {
	    var $ = w['recordseek'] = {
	        'w': w,
	        'a': a,
	        'c': c,
	        'v': {
	            'ver': c.runtime.getManifest().version,

All that instead of chrome.runtime.getManifest().version,

The code is still minified but with line-breaks and spaces
eg: $

(function( c, d ) {
    // fail quietly if we can't access the Chrome or document objects we need
    if ( c && d && d.body && d.URL ) {
}( chrome, document ));

2- Your add-on’s code includes instances of printing debugging information to the Console, which is generally not allowed in production add-ons. Please remove or disable such logging.

3- For inserting text, textContent (or JQuery text) or createTextNode() should be used instead of innerHTML.

display.innerHTML = "\u2713";
display.innerHTML = '';
document.getElementById( 'optionSession' ).innerHTML = chrome.i18n.getMessage( "optionSessionText" );
document.getElementById( 'optionTitle' ).innerHTML = chrome.i18n.getMessage( "optionSessionTitle" );

(Dovy) #11

@erosman i just added version 2.5.3 and it should adhere to all your needs. This has been a complete rewrite. I would REALLY like to get this approved. If you can help make that happen, I would be SO grateful. Thanks for all you do!

(erosman) #12

Add-ons get auto-approved now until they get human reviewed.

Someone has to check the genscrape.min.js

(Dovy) #13 is the source for that. It’s a simple parsing utility for genealogical sites. That’s all.

Any ETA for how long it may take to get this reviewed? Thanks!

(erosman) #14

As I said, it is already available to users to install but the human review will happen later.

(Dovy) #15

Fantastic! I thought it was blocked until the first release. Great news. Thanks @erosman!