Can *Anyone* release extensions right now? To me, it looks like is critically broken

I haven’t been able to release an extension in over a month, and I don’t appear to be the only one. It is affecting both the listed and unlisted versions of my extensions. Moreover, this appears to be affecting many users of this forum, and possibly all extension developers.

Here’s my honest question: Is any extension developer currently able to release an extension? Is just broken for extension developers right now?

I’m not one of the 90 or so extensions that gets code-reviewed by hand, and normally the automated checks result in my listed extension being approved in around 24 hours. This is very obviously not because the add-on reviewers don’t have time, because the add-on reviewers clearly do not review the vast majority of the ~16,100 extensions which are available for Firefox. What is really going on?


Hi @idk, we have a few issues on our end that are causing a delay for some add-ons to be signed or released right now. We’re still trying to work through the backlog (and we understand that some developers have been waiting quite awhile for a review) but it still may take some time to get to everyone.

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OK then what’s the workaround? Do I need to host my own instances of Is there some obscure key side-loading procedure I can recommend to the users who rely on me to provide updates, so that I can self-sign addons locally rather than depending on Mozilla to do it for me? Can you point me at what part of the infrastrucuture is failing on github or Mozilla Central, so I can try and fix it if necessary?


It would be nice if you could give answer to all developers individually (me included) who are waiting for extension approval and then give some explanation we could give back to our customers.

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Fine ! My extension new version have been approved. Ty for my customers :slight_smile:

The problem I have here is that I know there are bugs in version of my extension which is currently approved and distributed on AMO. These bugs, while not critical, are potentially very annoying and they are are fixed in the version of my extension that I submitted on July 8th, then re-submitted on August 8th. Most of my users haven’t hit these bugs yet, but some have(2 that I know of), and they’ve got in touch with me about it and all I can tell them is “Sorry, I’ve been stuck in AMO review for 2 months, nobody’s telling me anything about my situation, and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to help you. The only thing I know is that this seems to be happening to like, everybody” What am I supposed to do here? All I care about is fixing bugs and I can’t do that without Mozilla signing a redistributable plugin.


Hello Mozilla are you there???

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@caitlin Given that the review backup seems to be persisting and that many folks are asking about it, do you think Mozilla might be able to give an update on the blog or something? I think answers - even unpleasant ones - might help with folks that are on edge now. It’s a bit tough when something unknown and out of our control is causing weeks-long delays. And as always, thank you for responding to developers here.


@zephyr hear hear. This is exactly my point, and the point I tried to raise in Matrix too. We’re all sitting around thinking of all the reasons that this review slowdown might be occurring and every reason I personally can think of sounds dire.


Hi @zephyr, unfortunately we don’t have a lot more we can share at the moment. However, I’ll talk to the team and see if there are any updates for next week.

Thanks @caitlin! Until then, I’ll just keep assuming that there’s been a zombie apocalypse. :rofl:

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Hi @caitlin.

unfortunately we don’t have a lot more we can share at the moment

Nothing has been shared so far. We still don’t know why this has happened, and what we can do to avoid it happening in the future. If you can’t answer these questions then please get someone who can to login and contribute to this post.


Mentioned in ublock release notes:

No stable release will occur until dev build is no longer stalled

Apparently a certificate / signing problem at mozilla at the moment.

Maybe related: Could not update an old nightly build. Had to download and reinstall and only then received updates again.

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Are you kidding me? uBlock Origin. They couldn’t find the time to approve and let Raymond release uBlock. Maybe the most valuable extension in any existing browser ecosystem. The only extensions that clearly deserves to be considered “recommended” to every single Firefox user. uBlock Origin.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I had to go to Matrix and beg. Outrageous.