Albanian language

Is it possible to add Albanian language?

I know there are a lot of people in the Albanian-speaking community who would be absolutely happy to contribute their voices to your project, myself included! It’s a great opportunity for us to help make voice recognition technology more accessible for everyone.

Hey @kushvisk, welcome…

Albanian is already among the languages added, but not ready to be deployed:

It is already localized (3% remaining), but it needs CC-0 licensed / Public Domain sentences to be added. As you see above only 180 sentences from 2000 required have been contributed.

You can find the required steps and links in the About Page.

You can use the Sentence Collector to add those missing sentences. Make sure you read the How To page there…

Hope this helps…

Thank you!

I think now there are more than 2K contributions. When can I expect to have the opportunity to donate my voice after reviewing and adding new sentences?

Here are the latest statistics for Albanian in SC:


SC exports the data once a week (it was on Wednesdays, if not changed).
Common Voice imports them, and make them available on its next web interface release.

Here are the previously exported sentences, you can check it later for being >180 lines:

Here are the releases of CV, current is v1.92.3, you can watch/subscribe it for releases (if you have github account) or just check later.

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Ckemi, urime per kontributin! Si mund te te kontaktoj per te folur per zhvillimin e gjuhes shqipe ne Common Voice?


Faleminderit! Te dergova kontaktin ne mesazh privat.

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Dear Kushvisk

Please note Albanian has been launched and you start collecting voice data.