Allow developers to select update frequency

We developers are a busy bunch, and having almost daily interruptions asking us to update to the latest bleeding edge version is, well, annoying. I know you want us to be current, but this needs to be balanced with letting us get our jobs done too.

How about a setting like "Send update notifications no more than: ", with a number of days, or a week, or a month. Something. I like Firefox DE, but it is getting to be frustrating.

Developer Edition is built on beta, which usually has about 10 updates over a four week cycle. Firefox 89 has an unusual number of changes so you can expect more updates during its beta. If you want a stable release, you can use the stable release.

Thanks for the quick response - how can I choose stable release of FDE instead of the aurora channel? Or are you saying I’d have to go to the standard version (not developer edition)? If so, I’d lose out on the additional developer features.

I think that was the suggestion yes :slight_smile:

It’s true that a few experimental features (both in devtools and in the browser) might be turned off in the standard version, until they’re tested enough and stable enough.

But apart from those experimental features, the standard release of Firefox contains the same DevTools as DevEdition. You’ll mostly be missing on experimental features, but if you value stability and not having to update too frequently, I think the standard release channel should work out for you.