Bug - updates

Hi everyone,
I would like report bug regard updating… it is on windows, I disabled updates in system config and still i am getting notifications regard updates.

Someone should fix it… I am using Firefox developer version

Thanks best regards P.

Note: Also someone should remove smiles in “settings” it looks arrogant. “hahaha firefox developer edition is current your default browser”

I am sorry, i recognized that DEVELOPER version is for you mozilla developers and beta testers… What i thought all the time that it is for “web developers version” because when i started use it then i saw there many features regard web HTML analysis and etc… and also there was introduced first time black theme…

Thanks for clarification. I am going to use classic mozilla firefox…

Best regards pablo

Hi Pablo, the Developer Edition is good for web developers who want the most cutting edge tooling and want to avoid being surprised by changes in new Firefox releases. They can get surprised early. :slight_smile: