Quantum - Beta vs Developer Edition

(Chris Thomas) #1

There was a thread a few months back about the Firefox Beta build vs Firefox Developer Edition. This was pre-Quantum and I was curious if there was honestly much difference between the new builds now?

Feature wise in regards to DevTools, CSS Grid etc, they seem identical.

Why does Firefox Developer Edition exist as a separate edition?
(J. Ryan Stinnett) #2

These days, Firefox Beta vs. Firefox Developer Edition have a lot in common. They are built from the same code, so like you said, they have similar features.

For Dev Edition, some settings are tweaked to ease development of add-ons, web sites, etc. The DevTools are more prominent and Dev Edition is easy to use side by side with other versions of Firefox.

You can read more about this here:


(J. Ryan Stinnett) #3

Also this page highlights the key differences pretty well:


(Chris Thomas) #4

@jryans Thanks for the responses! Yeah, I currently run them side by side and will probably switch Beta to Stable once Quantum is released there in November. Both versions right now run 57.0b9 so I wasn’t sure what differences there might be. I was planning to use Beta as my everyday browser and Dev Edition for web dev work but could probably just stick to one.

Thank you again!

(Stefano Cecere) #5

i always have difficulties to explain the real differences between Beta & Developer
https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/ isn’t absolutely helping! because it says things that are in the beta (and stable too!)

that page should have a link to this https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Firefox/Developer_Edition
also if it’s outdated (the dark theme is everywhere now, “Aurora” means nothing to anybody anymore…

i guess mozilla.org should have better links to the Mozilla universe :slight_smile: