Also problem with status 'Incomplete'

(Frolov) #1

My addon with status incomplete in developer view and I see “Not compatible with Firefox Quantum”, but why, my min version 57.0? And why “This add-on is not available on your platform”, I checked all platform accessibility. Also in developer view 0 errors, 0 warnings. As a result, I can’t add addon in firefox.

(erosman) #2

I dont even see the addon on AMO.

Page not found

Sorry, but we can’t find anything at the address you entered.

Looking at the addon, version 1.0 can be inspected but version 1.1 has errors ad doesn’t come up at all.

I suggest uploading a new version with increased version number.

(Frolov) #3

I don’t know why “Page not found”, I attach screen, that page is exist.

. You write that version 1.1 has errors, but I can’t view their, I only view 0 errors, 0 warnings (also attach screen). . In status field I see “Disabled by Mozilla”. Can you help?

(erosman) #4

When I tried it, it wasnt showing it. It shows it now but says:

This add-on is not available on your platform.
We’re sorry, but we can’t find what you’re looking for.

The page or file you requested wasn’t found on our site. It’s possible that you clicked a link that’s out of date, or typed in the address incorrectly.

I am an addon reviewer so I look at the reviewer pages.

At the moment, it shows both versions as rejected.

You can find an Admin and ask them to look into it for you, or try uploading a new version.

(Frolov) #5

Thanks for all. I understood, why this problem is happened. It looks like firefox has bug in uploading new version page. I changed some field in that page (ending url) and click “Enter” to apply changes, but redirect is happened (I wonder why), although some required fields I not filled in yet. In other words - not click Enter, otherwise your addon will be in “Incomlete” state all the time.