Andre Natal Voice-AddOn Question

I’ve heard there are problems with dependencies when adding the voice-addon, but I think I have worked through the dependency updates. However, I have 2 questions…

  1. Does the voice-addon work independently of the smart assistant or must we activate the smart assistant before adding the voice-addon?
  2. Can the voice-addon work with any microphone device (like Snowball), or just Re-Speaker? I’m asking because my logs show this error “ERROR: python2: can’t open file ‘’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory”.
  1. It works independently of the smart assistant.
  2. Any microphone should work. The “” script comes from one of the Snips dependencies, so it’s possible that those dependency updates are maybe not quite worked out.

CC: @kgiori @andrenatal

@andrenatal just back from vacation today so the plan is for him to work with Snips on independent package installation rather than trying to have the add-on install everything. Still tbd how to allow independent voice controller functions to interface with Smart Assistant UI. I think that seeing them in the Smart Assistant (tagged by each voice i/f method if more than one controller associated?) would be super helpful, so that you can see what voice commands/queries triggered a response via the webthing API, and the result of that response.

@mistertwisterwx You might want to try the new ‘Voco’ add-on, which brings Snips voice control to the WebThings Gateway.