Voice Control on Gateway

Can’t change “hey snips” to what I want (using the add-on). When I type in the blank space, nothing happens. What do I need to do here. Also, do I plug the speaker into the raspberry pi or the PC?

This would be best answered by @andrenatal or @kgiori. You may want to file an issue on the GitHub repository: https://github.com/andrenatal/voice-addon

The wakeword “Hey Snips” is the only option at the moment. And yes, you plug a speaker/mic combo (using USB) into the RPi directly (the current add-on only works for USB connections to the RPi). You can use a USB conferencing headset if you don’t have a combo speaker/mic. Also, Andre’s voice-controller add-on package installation on a 0.9 fresh gateway install won’t work – the Snips Debian package dependencies need fixing (0.8 was Debian Stretch, 0.9 is Debian Buster). The whole Snips+Mozilla voice-controller installation method is going to be redone so that voice control is more independent of the gateway. Then you can sprinkle private voice controllers around the house. The privacy if this approach complements the gateway very well. When you get used to it, you get hooked. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. With respectful tone, I’m a little confused by your comment. So, the current option is “hey snips”; but, isn’t that Andre’s voice controller add-on (which doesn’t work)? Or do I remove that add-on and attempt to set-up voice control natively somehow? Kindly note, I’m attempting to use a Blue Snowball USB Plug N Play microphone for voice control.

@andrenatal is back from vacation. Will work with him, IoT team, and Snips team to get something working again as soon as possible. Goal to set up an architecture/interface between voice and gateway that is more stable and easier to maintain.

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Try the new Voco add-on. It uses Snips to offer voice control.