Announcing “Project Things” – An open framework for connecting your devices to the web

Hello there!

We’re very excited to announce a new release from Project Things at Mozilla. Check out the Mozilla Blog for more information.


You can also head over to the Mozilla Hacks blog for a hands-on How-To guide on how to get started and find out more on our web site at


great work by an awesome team. couldn’t be more proud to be part of this team!

Loading up a ras-pi with the gateway now! Very cool.

Do you have a list of the addons supported? Is there a forum or something where people are talking about addon development?

Also wondering if the gateway is self contained. Does it run the rules and other things in the cloud or on the rasberry pi itself?

There is a repository which contains the list of installable addons. You can find it here:

In particular, the list.json file.

There is also an example-adapter.

Most of the code runs locally on the pi. The tunnel which maps from to your pi is the only piece running in the cloud.

You can run the gateway completely locally, which is what I normally do for development. In that case you should run tools/ which will create a self-signed certificate. You can then connect to https://gateway.local and add the appropriate security exceptions for your browser.

I do most of my development on my linux or OSX laptops. Then I just connect to https://localhost:4443 (also with a self-signed certificate). On the Pi we have some iptable redirection which maps port 80 to 8080 and port 443 to port 4443 so that the gateway itself can run as a non-root user.

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Hi Ben,

Great blog post. I will be really interested to see how this project gains traction, as I think a generic interoperability standard for IoT companies & devices is long overdue.

Do you know what plans are for support with OpenThread (Thread) wireless standard - maybe using an Network Co-Processor (NCP) until an off the shelf dongle is in production - there are NCP examples available for a range of devices including the Nordic NRF52840 .

Also, do you know if the will be a port/image for the Beaglebone Black (which is very similar to a Raspberry Pi)??

Many Thanks


Do you have a list of the addons supported?

You can also see the list of available add-ons from within the gateway UI itself. If you go to Settings -> Add-ons and click “+” it will show you all the add-ons currently available to install. People can submit new add-ons via a pull request to the repo Dave mentioned.

Is there a forum or something where people are talking about addon development?

This would be that forum!

We don’t yet have a Thread adapter, but I’d like to see one. Maybe talking Nest Weave over Thread.

I believe the Digi XStick we use for Zigbee can be re-programmed with a different firmware to support Thread, because both are based on the same 802.15.4 standard and use the same radio.

We don’t have a port for Beaglebone Black yet (although some of our code used to run on Beaglebone), but you’re welcome to start one! We’d certainly like to support those boards. That could also be a platform we target with the Device Framework we’re working on, to create native web things themselves with a Beaglebone board.

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Does the Nordic nrf52 dongle ncp for openthread have support yet? The border router works fine, would it be possible to integrate with project things? (Basically the same question from a year ago)

Would a webthing addon help to integrate the otbr-agent ? Note it will requiere a radio adapter but this is doable I’ve been playing with openthread and RPi4…