Anybody having any issues with TOD rules?

After the restore, my ‘Time of Day’ rules aren’t processing. As an example:
if TOD == 7:48AM (America/Chicago), desk-lamp = off (test rule created to validate issue). That doesn’t fire. Any ideas? Localization is set to America/Chicago and the Pi 3 shows the correct TOD (in UTC) at the command line.

On the command line, date should show the time zone you configured, not UTC…

That’s fixed. I had set it, but apparently is needed reset. Regardless, my rules using the clock are failing to activate, but the rules using the Time-of-Day plugin seem to work.

I have a simple clock rule to test with:
if (clock = 9:40am) increment counter. The counter isn’t incrementing.

Question: when you’re testing, are you using the current time?

If so, try setting it for a minute or two in the future. For example, if it’s currently 9:40am, set the rule for 9:42am and see if that works 2 minutes later.

That’s basically my current test procedure.

@montyrwalls, I’m having this exact issue. I hadn’t fired up my Gateway in quite awhile. I ended up having to start from scratch with a new image. I was able to add everything back, but cannot get Clock rules to work. Rules built with the Scheduler ad-on do work though.

Were you able to find a fix for your problem?

Mine eventually started working. I think I deleted all the affected rules and created new rules from scratch and eventually it started working. I did a bunch of database maintenance also (if I remember correctly).

I’ve tried deleting my non-functioning rules and creating new ones but I’ve had no luck.

Lol, I figured it out. Even though I have my localization set properly (PST), the Clock is still using UTC.

I recently had a TZ issue with running in Docker containers. Check out this thread for our discussion.