Anything IP based it works with yet

(Martin) #1

Just installing for the first time (slick install process btw!) I havent purchased any dongles yet but plan to shortly - are there any IP based services it works with yet so I can play with basic capabilities in the mean time?


(Michael Stegeman) #2

Hi Martin,

For IP/WiFi devices, we have support for Philips Hue bulbs (through the Hue bridge) as well as TP-Link smart plugs, bulbs, and switches. You can check out our supported hardware page for more info:

There is also a “virtual things” add-on you can add if you just want to see how all the things work.


(Martin) #3

Many thanks, I see the following entry on the GitHub site; how do I go about installing these adapter options (e.g. Add http-on-off-adapter). sounds just the ticket but cannot find any installation steps/guides. Thanks from a quick learner and Things Gateway noob :slight_smile:

(Dave Hylands) #4

Click on the Menu icon (3 horizontal bars) in the top left corner of the UI.
Click on Settings
Click on Addons
Click on the + in the bottom right corner to add a new addon