Application for VI l10n driver


(Thanh Tran) #1

Hi all,

I’d like to apply for l10n driver for Vietnamese (VI) locale.

I’ve been long time MDN reader and a native Vietnamese speaker. I just recently noticed the user-friendly MDN localization tools. I think it’s potential to turn MDN to a great reference doc and guides for Vietnamese developers many of whom still lack good English skills. What I have observed so far is that translation effort for MDN VI locale is scattered and unorganized. (I’m aware that there is active VI translators team on Pontoon but for other Mozilla products)

I am currently a curator of local Front End developers Facebook group and have posted calling for translators there with a few guys agree to join. I have created a chat group on Gitter @ and created this minisite (out of personal interest and self study) to honor top VI contributors on MDN:

There are still a lot to do and progress is picking up. I think with l10n driver recognition, it’s easier for me to call for help from other local guys to join force.
I’m welcoming any advice, especially from other l10n teams regarding organizing the translation effort as well.

BTW, my profile on MDN: