Application for VI l10n driver


(Thanh Tran) #1

Hi all,

I’d like to apply for l10n driver for Vietnamese (VI) locale.

I’ve been long time MDN reader and a native Vietnamese speaker. I just recently noticed the user-friendly MDN localization tools. I think it’s potential to turn MDN to a great reference doc and guides for Vietnamese developers many of whom still lack good English skills. What I have observed so far is that translation effort for MDN VI locale is scattered and unorganized. (I’m aware that there is active VI translators team on Pontoon but for other Mozilla products)

I am currently a curator of local Front End developers Facebook group and have posted calling for translators there with a few guys agree to join. I have created a chat group on Gitter @ and created this minisite (out of personal interest and self study) to honor top VI contributors on MDN:

There are still a lot to do and progress is picking up. I think with l10n driver recognition, it’s easier for me to call for help from other local guys to join force.
I’m welcoming any advice, especially from other l10n teams regarding organizing the translation effort as well.

BTW, my profile on MDN:

(Jwhitlock) #2

Your work looks great here. I’m not aware of an ‘l10n driver’ role on MDN, only awesome contributors. There is the Vietnamese section on this page, which I see you’ve already found:

I think you should reach out to advertised leaders of Vietnamese localization at Mozilla:

That page is probably out of date. It is also a wiki, so a first step to introduce yourself may be adding yourself to the table of active team members.

(Thanh Tran) #3

Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried to contact the L10n team VI 's IRC channel but it seemed that channel is not available anymore. And many links in the page is now out-dated and few people listed there now marked inactive. I thought that page is for Firefox and other Mozilla UI l10n but not MDN, correct me if I’m wrong.

I have contacted Chris Mills (@chrisdavidmills) on Twitter, and he said that he is busy right now and will get back to this later.

(Janet Swisher) #4

I’m not aware of an ‘l10n driver’ role on MDN, only awesome contributors.

While we do have awesome contributors, @trongthanh is referring to the l10n driver role as documented on MDN. I’m happy that he’s stepped up for Vietnamese. Hopefully, @chrismills will be able to respond soon.

(Chris Mills) #5

@trongthanh Hello there! I am sorry for taking so long to respond to you.

Basically, we are very happy for you to get involved by localizing pages into Vietnamese. We can’t offer you much direct support in the actual work — we don’t have VI speakers on our team, and we have limited time with which t work on translations — but we can offer you help in using MDN’s tools, and answer any questions you may have.

I have given you the necessarily permissions to create pages, upload attachments, etc. My advice is to start thinking about what parts of MDN you would most like to translate, choose one, and track the work on each part in a spreadsheet somewhere. Once you start getting other people interested in the translation project, you can note them down on the tracking sheet too, and divide the work up.

(Thanh Tran) #6

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the granted permissions.

I’m looking at other MDN l10n teams and will try to keep up the documentation and contributor’s facilities. First question, I’m seeing this l10n status page: and it seems I cannot create one for Vietnamese. Do you think it’s a good idea to create one for VI?

(Sphinx Knight) #7

Hello @trongthanh :slight_smile: It is definitely a good idea to create such a page.

However, you must be on the English page in order to create a new translation (VI in this case). (You’ll find the “Add a translation” option at the end of the “Languages” list).

Regarding the existing tooling, I would advise you to create “Doc Status” pages for the main sections you and the VI team are interested in (see “Sections” in

If you need help creating this set of pages, please let me know, I’d definitely be glad to help :slight_smile:

As an example, you can lookup how the fr doc status pages are organized from

Last but not least, if you have any question regarding localization on MDN, feel free to ping me.

P.S. Oh and the doc status pages like this one need to be “hard refreshed” (ctrl + shift + R) in order to display up to date stats. A “simple” refresh won’t suffice.

(Thanh Tran) #8

Hi @sphinx_knight,

Thanks for the notes regarding creating new “Doc status” pages. I will try to follow the examples and apply for VI.

BTW, I’ve just got another question regarding live example. So I just translated this page, which has a live example in the Example section, but the live example on the translated page is empty, unlike English one. So what do I have to do here?

(Chris Mills) #9

This is due to the way the live example works; it grabs any code blocks it finds inside the page section with the ID specified inside the macro call, dynamically puts them inside a single page, and then embeds that page into the document inside an <iframe>.

So on the English page, you’ve got this macro call:

{{EmbedLiveSample("Advanced_example", "100%", 300)}}

It makes a live example out of the code blocks underneath this heading:

<h3 id="Advanced_example">Advanced example</h3>

In your translation, you’ve still got the same macro call, but the heading is now this:

<h3 id="Ví_dụ_nâng_cao">Ví dụ nâng cao</h3>

So you need to change the ID reference in the macro call to match this.

(Thanh Tran) #10

Hi @chrismills,

Oh, I see. Get that fixed now. Thanks. I should’ve read the MDN guide articles on composing with the editor but the number of articles to read is too overwhelmed to learn quickly. :confounded: May be I’ll write a shorter note for new translators at the l10n landing page.

Here’s another question at the Doc status page. So I created the Doc status overview page for VI, based on the FR counterpart at but the macro is throwing errors. What is the issue now?

Sorry for asking too many questions :sweat_smile:

(Chris Mills) #11

It’s OK — there really is a lot to know, and I am not surprised if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed! Always happy to answer questions!

I don’t know why the macro is erroring though. @sphinx_knight @fscholz do you have an idea about this?

(Sphinx Knight) #12

There’s no such thing as “asking too many questions” :slight_smile:
This bug was a bit tricky to spot. Actually this was due to the page not having the right slug/URL.

Due to the way the L10nStatusOverview macro is implemented (cf. L72), this special page you have created must have the slug “Overview” and not a localized slug (“tong-quan” for vi / “Aperçu” for fr).

I’ve moved the page accordingly and everything seems to be right on track.
I’ve also created a VI doc status page for the JavaScript section which you can see from the Overview. I hope this will help you quickly cover other sections.

(Thanh Tran) #13

Thank @sphinx_knight & @chrismills for your promptly answers.

I’m gradually adding the Doc status for topics. There are so many of them so maybe I’ll add the prioritized ones first.

Besides, I’d like to translate the titles and table’s headings in the status doc pages but they are coming from macros. So could you show me how to translate them?
For example this page, almost all texts are in English.

(Sphinx Knight) #14

Yes, there is no need to cover 100% of section and it is better to focus on the most prioritized and on the ones which are of interest for Vietnamese localizers.

For the macros, translation should be done via a pull request. In this case, you should fork, create a branch and propose changes for

(Thanh Tran) #15

Thanks, will do. But this can wait for a while.