April/May Community Ops update

It’s been pretty quiet here recently as myself and @tanner have had assignments due in and exams to be taken. However, things have happened!

@johngian and myself had a meetup for some of last week to power through some of the stuff thats been holding us back from moving sites over

  • We’ve opened up migration bugs for all of the services on the OVH shared server. There are more servers to migrate but this one is the priority.


  • We’ve done some work to try and make it less overwhelming for new contributors to get involved by designing workflows for making infrastructure changes in a similar fashion to regular software projects. We’ve also set up a Jenkins instance to facilitate this. Currently, Jenkins correctly runs our Ansible plays when we merge a PR. Very soon it should also work the same for Terraform. Feedback is needed for this one!



  • Documentation has always been a pain-point for the team and we’ve started off by cleaning up the older stuff and documenting the new PaaS infra. We’ve also started docs on how to set up a new WordPress site to help new contributors.

  • Work-week planning to ensure the time we have together is spent well. More on this soon probably.

During the hacking we also came across a number of issues which were much easier to resolve now than if we had a load of sites in the cluster.

Next Steps
The new cluster is finally ready to go and we’re going to have a meeting next week to spin up MainWP and run through the first migrations together. That way, we can help new contributors if they get stuck. If you want to help us out with migrating sites, just hit the reply button :point_down::point_down: below and let us know!