Archiving unused categories

@Kensie due the low traffic this subcategory has, I think it would be better to remove it or “archive” it if possible so it doesn’t use space on the list of subcategories.

That’s a good point, there are a few event specific sub-categories, lets see how we can “hide” them while still keeping them accessible.

We could make an “Archived” category and drop unneeded categories in there. We can also make the category read-only so threads aren’t bumped later on.

I’ve also been thinking we need a policy on categories that have never been used but that’s a different topic of discussion.

Is there any option to hide subcategories from category listing?

There isn't, but we could probably force the archived category to the bottom of the list.

The problem with that is that messages are pulled out of the parent category. I would like to preserve the messages on Reps parent category but have the subcategories hidden or archived since they are not going to be used anymore.

@yousef Did you find a way to hide subcategories? If not I prefer to remove the category and integrate posts into the parent one to keep them in context.

We can’t make them invisible and still accessible to everyone - The group system doesn’t really work that way.

I don’t see the issue with pulling sub-categories out of parent ones. Discourse has pretty powerful search and we can always change category names.

Archives > Reps - Mozfest 2014 would have the same context as Reps > Mozfest 2014.

Ok, let’s go for it and archive Reps/Meetup Feb 2014 and Reps/ReMo Camp 2014 for now.

@Kensie in the future I won’t add events subcategories to the reps category since it adds a lot of noise. Maybe we could have a general category just for events.

@yousef can we proceed with this? Thanks!

@yousef @Kensie Any updates on this?


Archived them at

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