Are old Firefox config develop setup recommendations still recommended?

If you search Google for help developing an extension, you recommendations to setup Firefox for the purpose.

It recommends making changes to settings in about:config. But it turns out this page is archived.

Is it no longer helpful, or advised, or required to make the config changes specified on that page?

What problems might arise if they are not made?

What setup is recommended for developing Firefox extensions?

Please ignore all pages with yellow stripe border - these are archived and not relevant anymore. :slight_smile:

Currently you don’t need anything special for development, but using Firefox Developer Edition will give you some bonus features:

(but again, it’s not required… any web browser will do just fine as extensions are just fancy web-pages with access to browser API :slight_smile: )

Other than that I would strongly recommend using web-ext tool for addon development.

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Thanks very much for the pointers, Juraj.