Are they going to say "Containers was just an experiment, which we're discontinuing now"?

I only found Test Pilot because the MultiFox extension stopped working suddenly, and was googling for replacements.

And then I found a pilot program for an equivalent for the TreeStyleTabs extension too (called Tab-Center)! Yess, i thought, only that one just randomly quit out with no warning. Not even a text area to type what you might have wanted from the test pilot experiment in (indented tabs under the one you opened them from, is the killer idea they were missing, is my humble opinion).

But if Containers stops working because the UX ppl have got bored of toying with us there’s just nothing to replace it, is there?

If they do cancel it is there any way to appeal that the primitive working version should at least be made an unsupported extension?

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We are not discontinuing it. There is a plan for it’s future :slight_smile: