Ask me Anything with Rainer Cvillink, the creator of Firefox Fights for you video

On Thursday, 2019-01-24T18:00:00Z2019-01-23T19:00:00Z, Rainer Cvillink, the creator of the Firefox Fights for you video will reply to your questions regarding creating your own video for the Firefox Fights for you campaign.

If you would like to ask questions regarding the campaign and how to create your own video, look at the event page for reference.

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Looking forward to it!

Hi, I would like to know 1) how long did you shoot the video and edit it, and 2) how and can we create the video with only the mobile phone?

As a total beginner on video shooting, I would afraid that is it possible to do it without pro software and just in a weekend.

** UPDATE ** The AMA tomorrow will be temporarily postponed b/c of a last minute conflict. The revised time will be shared tomorrow! Sorry for the inconvenience. More time to think of all of your great AMA questions.

Hello Rainer ,
I’m so excited for the video and I want to record it indoor with 8-10 person next Saturday.
I’m so beginner in creating videos but I know how to use Filmora program to add some effects and so on. I searched and find out that I need green screen to be able to change video background. I took a trial video with a green background and replace it with several backgrounds for testing purposes but each time I noticed that it is good but it is not perfect . I should feel that the replaced background is original but in my case I feel like it is fake and it is clear that it was replaced. do you have any suggestions for the color of background that is good to use ? in your video you use black one for example with some colors on it .
or you may did something else I don’t know :smiley: is the black background an original one and was really behind the participants ?
Another question please, what is the best way to make the video looks naturally continuous ? do you suggest me to ask each participant to record all the sentences and then crop it or each one record just one sentence separately ? did you record all the participants videos at the same time (so you were together in the same place ) ? any clothes color should be avoided while recording ?
happy to hear any advice :smiley:
Thank you

I want to know if the words on the slides can be localized to the regional language? (

Hi there, starting now.

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Hi Irvin, the most time is usually gathering people and get them into one place. After that every person will need probably 20 minutes to record. Record the full script with everybody and than mix and match.

@irvin Video editing software is quite easy these days and after an hour of trying you should be able to get something going.

You can use any camera to your disposal but the video quality of cell phones got very good.
Important for recording: use a tripod … don’t do handeld, it will be too shaky … and make sure the audio is great … get as close as possible …

Hi Irvin,

I’m not Rainer, but I will just answer your first question from my experience creating the Indonesian version (

We spend a whole day on the shooting (but mostly due to mix and matching schedule from the community). I would say that the hardest part is how to make people stay focus on the camera instead of staring on the script that we place just below it.

On the editing part, I would say it’s fairly easy (I use HitFilm Express - it’s the free edition) and I spend maybe less than 2 hours on editing, and mostly to select the best footage for each part.

I hope it answer your question :slight_smile:

Any restriction on number of team members? Because in our team there are people working both on background and foreground so can we include all their names while we submit?

Hello Yamama, the original video did not use a green screen … it was shot in front of a black background. I would recommend not using a green screen … to get a green screen shot look good you need all kinds of lighting equipment … hard to do … try to find a dark background, if it is not super black it doesn’t matter, it is about the person … when framing, try to put the person as far away from the background as you can … audio is the most important!!!
Let folks say the entire script and afterwards you can pick and choose who said what the best.
In our recording all the participants came at different times but to the same location.
Having said all that, the most important thing is that it feels authentic, be yourself …
dress whaterver you like but try to avoid thin stripes or patterns, cameras don’t like that … Goood luck!!!

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Feel free to localize “from the makers of Firefox” …

“Firefox fights for you” at the end should stay in English pls for now …

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no restrictions on the team members …

Ok. Thanks you! :+1:

Thank you so much Rainer this is so useful. I will try both ways and choose the best one.
Another question please… do I have to add an english subtitleto the video?

Yu are more than welcome Yamama … Subtitles would be cool in your language

this is great tip that I was thinking of recording just one sentences, but it looks like whole script will make people feel more comfortable.