Assessment and help wanted for Marking up a letter

I have tried to mark up letter but I can’t get the sender’s address (and date) to align right even after adding a div and span class and naming the class accordingly.

link to assignment:

link to my source code and css:

Hello @uwa

you doing great

looks like you miss copy the css file

as your code show this

sender-column {
  text-align: right;

while it should be

.sender-column {
  text-align: right;

when you get to the css section you will know the differeance

and you do not need to use wrap address by div just give the address the class attribute

it recommened to minimize the use of div and span as they do not have any semantic mean which would lead you to do it yourself

same thing for the first datetime element

and some little things
you have some miss closing tags i am sure it miss type

<p>Dear Eileen,<p>

should be

<p>Dear Eileen,</p>

also on the first unorder list you closed the li item before the time item

and there are 3 missing abbr

  1. Phd
  2. Bc
  3. Esq

hope that help and have a nice day

Thank you @justsomeone. This was really helpful.

you very welcome @uwa :slight_smile: