Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter_need small advise

Here is actual assessment page[Marking-up-a-letter].

and you can check my code from here.

I followed carefully the instructions.
But the result looks somehow different then I expected.
I am trying to figure out which code did I miss so that I can fix my code.

my question is:
I didn’t touch any of CSS code but in receiver column’s font style in imge is somehow different then mine.
(looks like italic but mine isn’t)

If there is any thing that I need to improve more, you can tell me sincerely.
Thank you.

Thank you for great instruction and challenging task MDN! :smiley:

Hello @devThinKoki

you doing great you just missed few stuff

  1. the address should be start from Dr. Eleanor Gaye till the email address just wrap them with address tag no need to give each internal tag the sender class
    so it be like this
 <address class="sender-column">
    <p><strong>Dr. Eleanor Gaye</strong></p>
    <p>Awesome Science faculty</p>
    <p>University of Awesome</p>
    <p>Bobtown, CA 99999,</p>
        <a href="123-456-7890"><strong>Tel</strong>: 123-456-7890</a><br>
        <a href=""><strong>Email</strong>:</a>

    <p class="sender-column"><time datetime="2016-01-20">20 January 2016</time></p>
  1. this also need to be wraped by address tag
<p><strong>Miss Eileen Dover</strong></p>
    <p>4321 Cliff Top Edge</p>
    <p>Dover, CT9 XXX</p>

but without class attribute

i see your work in italic it cause of the sender-column class
i use firefox 89 on linux
if you do not see it italic try to clear your cache and disable all extension and see if it work or not

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile: