Assessment Needed for Marking Up a Letter - MPappas

I need someone to assess my work for the Letter project.

My Code:

Project Details:

Hi there @marcusrpappas ! Welcome to the community, and thanks for sending in your code!

This looks really good; I haven’t got much in the way of feedback. A couple of small nitpicks follow:

  1. You don’t need the <p> elements inside the <address> elements — <address> is a perfectly good block-level element for containing the address content. You can think of <address> as basically being like a <p>, but with more specific semantics.

  2. You missed using a <sub> element on the 2 of “H2O”.

  3. The “Be awesome to each other.” quote should have a <q> element around it instead — <q>Be awesome to each other.</q>