Please I need Assessment for Marking up a letter. Thanks

My code Marking up a letter (

I really appreciate the help you can offer me. I want them to be strict any mistakes or something that can improve.
I used the WS3 Validator and I fixed a lot of bugs. I no longer get any errors, but if you can tell me that I can improve, regarding the readability of the code, indentation and anything else that you would do better, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi @iesous9 :wave:

Thank you for putting your work into CodePen this time :+1:
Congratulations! The result looks like requested.

These are my observations regarding the usage of elements.

  • It’s better to use <strong> than <b> in the addresses (<b> vs. <strong> | MDN).
  • <em> around the addresses isn’t needed since the <address> element already styles them italic.
  • You are correct that you commented out the nested <address> element. It is not needed.
  • The last <br> inside the <address> isn’t needed since <address> (as a block element) already breaks the line (or at the end of <p> elements.
  • <a> elements are missing title attributes
  • On the last line: Instead of using quotation marks on the quote it would be more semantic to put the quote inside <q> elements: <q>Sean increíbles el uno con el otro.</q>

It’s a rather long list, but only minor things. So there’s no need to get discouraged :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope that helps!


Hello @iesous9

you doing great well done some notice here

  1. address will make it’s content to be italic by default so no need to use em
  2. from semantic point of view use strong instead of b
  3. another way for the first p which has Querida Eileen, to use pre which preserve the space
  4. BC and Esq are abbr which you missed

i hope i did not miss anything else and have a nice day :slight_smile:


looks like i missed something :joy:


Yeah, me too. :grin:


Thank you for you reply @mikoMK @justsomeone.
I just made corrections to my code with your recommendations and it is definitely much better now. Thank you very much. :grin:

Respectfully, the only thing that was not very clear to me was the following comment from @mikoMK

I didn’t understand what you meant by “the last inside”.

I ask you to forgive me for not understanding. What happens is that my English is very basic and sometimes I use the translator for certain specific things.

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you very welcome and do not worry about your english as i am not good in english too and even who is good it still new area for them so they could mix things sometimes
so do not worry we all here to help and to learn from each other


No need to be sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know why those four elements moved to the end of the sentence in your quote. For me my original sentence looks correct:

Here is an example:

<!-- wrong -->
  some text<br>
  more text<br>

<!-- correct -->
  some text<br>
  more text

The second line break isn’t needed since we immediately close the address block and get a line break automatically.