Assessment needed for Math 1 skill test

Hi devs, i tried solving the math 1 skill test…
Here’s a link to it:

Please, i need an assessment of this to be sure i even know what i am doing and on the right track. Thank you

PS: i commented out the questions…

Hi @thewebking and welcome to the community :wave:

Your operations are correct, but you should directly assign them to the new variables. For example for the addition (same goes for subtraction and multiplication):

/* wrong */
num1 + num2;
let sum = 12;

/* correct */
const sum = num1 + num2;

When we use the new code we could change num1 from 6 to 8 and sum would automatically reflect the change and result in 14. You did it correctly for evenOddResult.

You can also see how I used const. I recommend using const by default and only use let if the variable is going to change. This will help you noticing mistakes where you accidentally overwrite a variable.

On a general note: When putting the exercises on CodePen you should use the starting code of the exercise that you’ll find at the end of every task. It is named “Download the starting point for this task”. This code contains HTML, CSS and JS that you can put into the three panels on CodePen and will make sure that your results get written to the output panel.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions or post more solutions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day,

By the way: Your email address is visible in your posts. It somehow ended up in the optional “name” field of your profile. I recommend removing it.

Thank you… i believe its removed now

i just completed the math test 2 and math test 3 here…i will appreciate if you take a minute and look at it. Also, when starting topics related to tasks, which category can i choose?

Hi @thewebking

Yes, now it’s gone.

You’ve chosen the correct category. “MDN - Learn” is exactly for this purpose.

Here are my comments:

  • Task 1: :white_check_mark: This is now correct. Nice improvements :+1:
  • Task 2: :white_check_mark: Correct!
  • Task 3: :white_check_mark: Correct!

Nothing to complain from my side. :grin:
Keep up the great work.