Assessment needed for the" Marking up a letter project"

Hello Sir, I have completed the "Marking up a letter"

project. Can you please have it assessed?

Here is the codepen link to my project-

And here is the project page at MDN-

Thank you.

Hi @TapasSingha,

Welcome to the MDN community. This looks excellent. You had done the list itesm correctly, The structure of the letter is good with the head and body. Also great idea to putt a comment with the links to the MDN resources.

I noticed with the Esq abbreviation it was misaligned

    <p>University of Awesome motto: <q>Be awesome to each other.</q> -- <cite>The memoirs of Bill S Preston, Esq </cite><abbr title="esquire"></abbr></p>

the Esq just needs to be moved to the inside of the abbr tag. Also wondering if a blockquote would have been good for the quote :man_shrugging:t4:

you have used UTF-8 in meta charset attribute and also best of all the W3C HTML Validator came out perfect.

Thanks @Ran for the great feedback. I feel very motivated and delighted after reading your feedback. I have rectified the mistake regarding the Esq abbreviation. However regarding the one-line quote, I think the q is better suited than blockquote.

Lots of freedom in coding to do it your way. Keep on asking questions. Iā€™m learning lots by answering as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @TapasSingha well done

welcome back @Ran glad to see you back man

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Hi @justsomeone. I missed it here. Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope you are well.

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you very welcome and fine thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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