Assessment wanted for Conditionals 1-4 skill test

Hello, I’ve completed the skill tests here and want to make sure I have the right line of thinking. Thanks!

  1. Conditionals 1
  2. Conditionals 2
  3. Conditionals 3
  4. Conditionals 4

Hello @JNPereyra

you doing great well done just few notice here :

  1. your email is displayed next to your name it better to hide from your profile page

  2. for task 2 you can remove this line response = 'The machine is turned on.' as it will be replaced by the other response

  3. for task 4 it better to use {} in the else part here else machineResult = 'The machine is turned off. Please turn it on.';
    as it make your code more readable

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thank you, that does help.