Assessment wanted for HTML5 controls

Hello, please assess my solution for



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Hi @gojanpaolo, I think it’s nicely done already. Awesome :smiley:
You can refer to example in to make your form cleaner. Personally I would not suggest using list component (ul or ol, li) in a form and replace it with fieldset or div for further styling, which list component has default styling on its padding and margin.

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Thanks for the help here @irwanphan, and well done @gojanpaolo.

I think the question of which container elements to use for form controls is definitely up for debate. I see what you are saying about <div>s requiring less styling, but semantically I think lists are more correct (when you have multiple form controls), and the styling required to remove the unwanted bullets and padding/margin is minimal.

But I don’t think this is a big deal, at least not at this stage in the learning journey. Both work OK.