Assessment wanted for Links skill text


Hello @kdb13

you doing great but the secand and third link you posted here are the same

and for the second link you need to let the user know that the pdf size is 4MB
for example download our factfile(PDF|4MB)

hope that help and have a nice day

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Thank you for assessing it. I’ve added the Link 2 correctly.

you welcome

for this

<li><a href="narwhal/narwhal.jpg" target="_blank">Link me to the narwhal image</a></li>

the task say that the image located

The second link should link to an image called narwhal.jpg, which is located in a directory called narwhal, which is located one directory level above the current directory.

so it should be …/narwhal/narwhal.jpg

… will get us one level above the current directory then we go in side narwhhal and so on

hope it help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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i would like you to post the link to the question so it be much easier that we get to it

thank and have a nice day

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I will post a link to the Assessment Page for future assessments. Thanks for your help. :+1:

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you very welcome and thanks a lot :slight_smile: