Assessment wanted for: Marking up a letter

I think it should be all correct but I’m not sure about my use of <paragraph> elements inside <address> elements. Also not sure about my <header> and <footer> elements.

Hi there @Dot_Dot!

Your work here is pretty good. Your use of nested elements isn’t wrong as such, but it is a little bit heavier than necessary.

For example, the addresses don’t need address and paragraph elements wrapped around them — address is plenty enough. It is basically just like a paragraph element but wth more specific semantics. And the time element is not part of the address. But they both should be on the right hand side. So something like this would be optimal:

<address class="sender-column">		
	<strong>Dr. Eleanor Gaye</strong><br>
	Awesome Science faculty<br>
	University of Awesome<br>
	Bobtown, CA 99999,<br>
	<strong>Tel</strong>: 123-456-7890<br>

<p class="sender-column"><time datetime="2016-01-20">20 January 2016</time></p>

	<strong>Miss Eileen Dover</strong><br>
	4321 Cliff Top Edge<br>
	Dover, CT9 XXX<br>

Apart from that, your work here is great - well done!

@Dot_Dot I was all sorts of confused on the topic but your mark up really assisted me. Thank you!