Assessment wanted for Typesetting a community school homepage1209

Hello! Need assessment for Typesetting a homepage

GitHub Pages:

Hello @VladimirK

Great job on this task :medal_sports:

Two remarks:

  • Some of your selector are unnecessary specific. For example inside the aside an nav selectors you could remove the ul as there are only unordered list in this two parts.
  • If you tab through the nav with the keyboard you don’t see on which element you are. A possible solution would be to add a:focus to the a:hover selector:
    a:hover, a:focus {
      font-weight: bold;
      border-bottom: unset;
    This way mouse and keyboard highlighting would have the same style.

One general note: It’s cool that you use GitHub! When you come back with another task, could you please also put the link to the source code in your post? Thank you! :blush:

Happy Coding!

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Thank you very much! I fix it and unite “nav li a:link”, “nav li a:visited”, “nav li a:active” tags. Can you see?

Source code: Is it ok source code link or attach codepen? :slightly_smiling_face:

And one more question.
Russian version of css block of MDN Learn: CSS first steps -> Styling text -> CSS building blocks

English version:

What is right and is it ok to learn Styling text -> CSS building blocks?

Great improvements! Now it looks perfect.

No need for Codepen. Those three link are perfectly fine (task, code, result).

Interestingly the order in the sidebar of the Russian version is the same as the English version. From reading the short description of the English “CSS building blocks” it seems intended to be done before “Styling text”. So I would recommend the order of the English version.
If you like you could create an issue about it on There is all the content of the translated MDN hosted.

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