At 0.9 no conbee

Good day, saw conbee on 0.8.1, didn’t see on 0.9, what could be the problem? There was an adapter in the settings (on 0.8.1)

Has your Conbee adapter stopped working, or is it just that you don’t see it in Settings?

We’re in the process of moving adapter listings from a single top level Adapters section in Settings to individual add-on pages in the Add-ons section. In 0.9 the top level Adapters section in Settings was removed to avoid confusion with adapter add-on listings in the Add-on section. Once is complete you will be able to list adapter instances inside the add-on configuration.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you then click on Add-ons it will show you the installed addons.

The ConBee is supported in the Zigbee adapter. There is also an adapter called Zigbee (ConBee USB Stick) which is actually for communicating with the deConz REST Server (which then in turn talks to the ConBee)