Conbee II Adapter - Configuring

I’ve set up my mozilla gateway I’ve added the Conbee II dongle to my RP III. Now what do I do? I think I might need an adapter, but how is that added to my IOT gateway? I just see “Scan Channels” with the number “8190” autopopulated and another field labelled “Debug”. Searching Google for “ZigBee Adapter for IOT” gets met to a GitHub page, but there are ~25 files. Which file would I use and what do I do with it? Do I copy and paste code somewhere? Sorry, although I’m pretty fluent with Windows and VBA, I’m a newby with RP and IOT. Just need directed to or provided with a step by step instruction on how to add an adapter to my web of things. Thanks in advance!

After the Conbee II is plugged into one of your RPi3 USB ports, you won’t need to do any special configuration. Just make sure the Zigbee add-on is still installed and enabled (by default that add-on is installed). On the WebThings Gateway GUI, under Settings > Developer > View Internal Logs you should see log entries for the Zigbee dongle.

Will do. Thank you for your time and response.

I am new here so this could be a dumb questione. Do I need the specific zigbee deconz add-on as well or that only works with a remote conbee? I have a conbee 2 as well, connected to my pi 2, and I only managed to make it work when the adapter was connected to another machine, using that add-on.

The regular Zigbee adapter can directly use the Conbee dongle. The other adapter was created before the Zigbee adapter could interface with Conbee.

Thanks, I finally got it! I just had to pair my smart plug with the adapter; once in pairing mode it showed up instantly. Like I said, I am new to both zigbee and mozilla iot gateway, so I overlooked a crucial step!