Author name on addon page incorrect


I’ve just created my first addon. Submitting the new addon worked great, but weirdly the author on the addon-page is incorrect.

It says “by Firefox User 1234567” (some ID), not my name like “by Username”. It therefore also does not link to my account and does not show up on my profile on The random Firefox User 1234567 was created in 2013.

The addon seems to be set up correctly in the developer hub, correct authors and such - am I missing something?

(jscher2000) #2

I’m seeing “Firefox user 9953472” for you (I assume, based on your username here).

Have you populated a display name in your profile?

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Yep, display name is set. And you are correct, it shows “Firefox user 9953472”, not my selected username.

(jscher2000) #4

I think in the current site, you need to go ahead and replace that default display name with what you prefer. Your user name isn’t used automatically, which may be fine if you want to use a different display name.


Sorry, I think I described that incorrectly.

In the Profile I have entered something different than Firefox user 9953472 for display name, and still Firefox user 9953472 is shown. Initially display name was empty.

I have also tried to delete and republish the add on, still Firefox user 9953472 is shown.

(Jorge) #6

Your display name still appears empty. Did you see any errors when you tried to enter? It’s possible that it was already taken, or it’s using characters that aren’t allowed.


No, no errors. I’ve changed it to something different (to the same username as here).
How can I check if it is still empty, before re-publishing my addon?


I re-uploaded with a changed username and now it works, although nothing is really different from before.

Well, it works. Thanks!


Well, now I see the Problem. I just configure the re-published addon, and suddenly the username was incorrect again.

It happened as soon, as I changed the listed authors to another E-Mail Address. When I unlist my main E-Mail adress and choose to only list another one, the username is broken.

How can I fix or work around this problem? Where exactly is the E-Mail adress defined under authors listed? Is it publicly available?

(Martin Giger) #10

The authors email address is only used to associate the Firefox account to the extension. And for review feedback. Publicly listed emails (for support) are managed in the listing editor.