Can not add an author to add-on

I am trying to add another author to my add-on but I am getting an error. When I add the email for the new author on the developer hub and click, “save changes” I get a red triangle error on the input field and the error seems to be, “No user with that email”. I have checked that the email is valid and that the email is associated with a Firefox account.

This is my first extension so perhaps I am doing something wrong?

Hey James! Can the other user confirm that the can log into with their FxA credentials?

Also, are you still seeing the error symbol but not the error message that you mentioned earlier?

After the user verified it seemed to work. But they did already have an account so I don’t think that’s what fixed it. I think it may have been a caching issue. It seemed to work after I closed the tab and reopened the developer hub… should have tried “turn it off and on again” a lot sooner… not sure, either way it is now working…

However, the other issue about no error message is still occurring whenever I try to add an author but the email is invalid.

Glad it’s working! It sounds like AMO didn’t recognize the other user until they signed in with their FxA, but we’ll keep an eye on it in the future.

I just saw this issue on our Github repo, which seems to describe the issue you reported about not seeing the error text. We can take a closer look at how to improve that.

Have a good weekend!