Automated review slowdown

For over a week now the signing process for unlisted addons has been on the fritz, usually when this happens I wait a day and things are fine but this has not changed. I have two versions of my extension, a public listed one that is normal release (I am fine with the delay on that one), and a beta build which is self hosted and only needs signed and this is where my problem lies.

I use web-ext to sign the extension on a gitlab runner, this process usually takes 5 minutes or so and my runner passes and I get the .xpi file I can move to the webserver. I have tried upping the timeout on it to 30, then 50 minutes and it still times out.

I have been getting the emails about reviews slowed by covid, so did this human virus somehow start infecting your servers? I am totally fine with waiting a few hours for my normal release since I need to upload that manually anyway, but my beta version goes through an automated system that is broke now because the timeouts made my gitlab runner fail. Is whatever non covid reason your signing process is taking so long being looked at, can we get some status updates on this?

The extension name is All Mangas Reader Beta

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