Awaiting For Review

Our add-on is self hosted and we submitted it for signing and it is stuck as “Awaiting Review” while usually it takes very little time.
Can you please have a look?
Thank you


I am also facing the same issue. Earlier i used web-ext to sign web extension, but it is somehow not working. And when I submit on website, it asks for source code. Once all requirements are submitted, then it starts showing awaiting review. Almost 1 week passed and it is still showing awaiting review.

My addon is now in review for more than 2 weeks so don’t have high expectations :slight_smile:.

Our add one is blocked as well by the review. Mozilla requested us to send them the source code and instruction on how to compile it. They complain that our addon has the code minified (I guess everybody does that). I never had this situation before when an app store provider requests our source code.
Did any of you experience this and how did you handle it?

Nothing to worry about the submission of source code. Its normal. Past experience with firefox was good. They won’t make it public. But in case of opera it wasn’t good. They make it public. User can see extension code.

Did you ever get past Awaiting Review?

I’m stuck now for couple of days. It’s an unlisted Add-on, it passed all checks, no minified code or special build required, it couldn’t be more simple.

The last Add-on was approved automatically in about 3 seconds. The code in this one is actually just a couple of lines taken from that older one. I don’t know what’s happening now - is it being sent for manual review or not? How can we tell?

same here, been waiting 3 days for review of my unlisted add-on, it normally only takes 10 to 15 minutes to be approved. ive only changed a few lines of code. looks like theres trouble at t’mill

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Same here, signing through API not works for us for the last 5 months.

I don’t know whether the problem is related to unlisted self-hosted addons or not.

We then started to submit both the source code, detailed build instructions, and an explanation of what is the aim of our addon, which sub-modules exist, and why we’re using some technologies such as WebAsm.

Later on, we got a reply from the review team for one of our submissions. After having a few conversations our addon was verified and signed.

In the previous week, we sent another update first by trying with automatic signing process but again it was put in the review queue. So, we decided to upload it manually with the source code and explanation, still waiting for review for more than 5 days.

Are you guys having a common pattern for falling into the review process? For example, it was started for us when we introduce another wasm file. In the previous versions, we already used wasm for a couple of things, so we think that it wasn’t related directly to introducing another wasm file. But, in that version, our addon size also increased by nearly 5 MBs, so I think that there may be a problem with bigger addons (the total size for the zip file is 5.6 MB now).

Our addon also passed the automatic tests, it shows “0 errors, 0 warnings”, so it can’t be the source of the problem.

Based on our experience, if there is a technical problem with the automatic sign process, it should be related to the size increase of the addons. If everyone comments on this thread with when the problem started and what is the change about it, maybe we can understand the case, otherwise, like everyone said, it is nearly impossible to get a response.

How many users does your addon have?
Apparently all popular addons are now manually reviewed with each update. I’ve received an email saying that.

Our addon was used in enterprise environments and it is self-hosted by us. Nearly all customers use Chrome or Edge in their environment, but some users specifically want to go with Firefox. Because of the latency and version gaps in our Firefox addon, they have to use other browsers. Ultimately, about 300-400 people use the addon, so it is not that much.

Today we just received a message from Mozilla and our extension was signed properly. It takes about 5 days.