Addon 'Awaiting Review' for long time

Our self-signed addon has been “awaiting review” since 10 days. Can you please check if there’s any issue?
The addon id is ‘{0b1031cf-9388-41ec-8ed5-0c04a3541b06}’.

Thank you.

i updated again. Please take a look to check if It’s validated now. Thank you.

I posted an unlisted addon for automatic review. Normally it takes a few minutes but after an hour the addon remains in awaiting review status. Is there any issue with the automatic review process today ?

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The addon has been successfully reviewed. Thanks !!

Today same problem again. More than 1 hour waiting and the addon has not yet been automatically reviewed? On which page can be check if there is some kind of bottleneck or issue with the automatic reviewing and signing process?.

PD: I received an email indicating that my submission is taking longer than usual and that this process could take a few extra hours and up to a couple of days. There is some way to speed up the process?

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Add-on takes time to approve.

Hi, I uploaded addons 4 days ago and still is “awaiting review” there.
Please, can you approve this one?
id: {46517e59-1467-467e-a306-cea4cfd05a63}