Back-up just for Firefox

(Bajacyn) #1

Could not find a back-up just for Firefox and was wondering why. Seems fairly obvious that there should be one. How many times has your device crashed? Would be a lot easier then having to do everything all over again. Thanks, Cynthia

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(rugk) #2

You could use Firefox Sync for backing up your history, bookmarks, passwords etc.
Or what backups do you mean?

Also devices crashes should not affect Firefox in any bad way. You can usually just restore the session (or it does it automatically) when you start Firefox again after a device restart.


(Juraj Masiar) #3

The Firefox Sync is indeed great, however it doesn’t cover add-ons data. Having some backup for that would be indeed nice to have (maybe just for local storage, not IndexedDB).

Also it’s funny you mentioned the device crash not affecting FF, because it happened to me just recently and I’ve lost all add-ons data and FF custom settings.


(rugk) #4

Well, sync covers add-ons in the sense of:

  • that the list of add-ons is backuped/synced
  • that add-ons can (optionally) store their add-on data in a way so it can be synced. The devs just have to store the data in the sync storage.

If done, all add-ons (& their config/data) should be restored.

Yeah, I described the “normal” case, i.e. as it should work. However, as you noticed by opening a bug report, this behaviour is definitively a bug and should never happen… :smiley:


(jscher2000) #5

You can point your regular backup software/service to the folder containing your Firefox profile. It would be preferable to back up the folder after Firefox has shut down so that database files are reconciled and nothing is locked, but how many of us close Firefox on a regular schedule?