Bashkir language


(Ruslan) #1

Hello everybody.
I have read several threads about adding new languages.
Here’s what I have found:
To add a new language we’ll need to

  1. Localize the website at pontoon
  2. Collect over 5000 sentences for the people to read

Here’s the issue: I don’t see my native language listed at pontoon, however, it is present at common-voice sentence collector.

The situation raises two questions:

  1. How do I add the Bashkir language to pontoon (it is not available even under “request new language” section).
  2. Does it make sense to add sentences to collector before the pontoon situation is resolved.

(Ruslan) #2

And huge thanks for bringing this amazing project tot life!
I was looking for this exact thing.


Yes please add Bashkir!!

You can add Bashkir to Pontoon following the instructions here under “Mozilla/Firefox”:

(Ruslan) #4

Thanks! I have missed that.