Beta/Nightly Update Option?


Is there a way to join a beta/nightly release cycle with the pre-built Raspberry Pi OS image?


(Dave Hylands) #2

We don’t really do beta/nightly builds.

You can pull the git repository on whatever frequency you like. You can enable ssh on the RPi and then ssh into the board and cd ~/mozilla-iot/gateway

You may need to install git (on later images, its installed by default). If you need to install it, use:

sudo apt install git

Then from within the ~/mozilla-opt/gateway directory you can issue the command:

git pull

and that will update you to the latest version as of the time of the pull.


(Ben Francis) #3

That’s a nice idea though…


(Andrew) #4

Hi I issued the command git pull but I get “fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git” error what am I doing wrong ?


(Dave Hylands) #5

It looks like our recent releases no longer include the .git directory.

Probably the simplest thing to do is:

cd ~/mozilla-iot
mv gateway gateway-save
git clone
cd gateway
npm install

Now you’ll be able to go into ~/mozilla-iot/gateway and do git pull to update to the latest.

Note that you should run npm install after each git pull just in case the dependencies changed.

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