Better custom scrollbars for Linux

(rugk) #1

Firefox 64 does support customizing the scrollbars and you can e.g. see them being used in the dev tools of Firefox itself:

However, as you see, on Linux they are mostly just rectangles on top of each other, which is not really a great design/user experience. The MDN docs example also shows this:

This is not really visually appealing. It would be great to have a little better support. In GNOME you e.g. have native styles for dark and light scrollbars, these could be used if only dark or light is specified by the developer.

(Andrei Petcu) #2

I built this

Maybe you are interested

(rugk) #3

Yeah, good idea, but I use Mastodon and they’ve already have a dark custom-styled scrollbar. Also, it just creates the problem on Linux, but yeah… it is a nice idea anyway. (Think, however, Tweetdeck may also fix that, soon.)

(Andrei Petcu) #4

I also use Mastodon :smiley: