Better Youtube RSS Feed and special Feed Vars


i want to make the Youtube RSS Feed better;). In the moment i have converted my protocol handler addon to thunderbird. I catch the url from the promise.message… contentBase. Perfectly but ugly. I have the tabs-object and the message.object and can get my informations.

I try to replace my feed readers with thunderbird internal feed reader.


  1. Can i modify the feed-catch-algorythm with we-javascript-api? I mean thunderbird catch the rss-feed and sacrify it very hard and i must fetch again the feed with javascript. Horrible under performance aspects;).

  2. Knows anybody an webextensions for rss-youtube in thunderbird?

  3. Have i an possibilty to catch only an event when the user uses the rss-feed-section?


Hi. The TB addon-dev forum is now here: