Bitly plugin disappeared

Since years I use the bitly ( plugin (addon) with the small red b named “Bitly | Powerful Short Links”. It allows to customize bitly links, when with an account at bitly. Works fine. After installing a new PC this plugin was replaced by a plugin (symbol: a used letter envelope) giving an unchangeable very long “shortlink”. Dumb. How can I get the good old bitly-addon?

Hmm, I wonder why the official extension is no longer on the Add-ons site?

The last capture by the Wayback Machine was on Nov. 24, 2020 (version 3.0.7).

Maybe contact them and see what happened?

Thank you, jscher, good idea. But unfortunately: “Hrm. The Wayback
Machine has not archived that URL.”, nor in earlier snapshots. Fritz

My link didn’t work? Or the links in that page didn’t work (that’s common). I meant to contact directly, for example, through their website.

Internet Archive had not pulled the content of the link, in none of the copies. Tough luck. I then compared my old Firefox with the plugin I want – with the Firefox on my “new” PC: The old one was under Program Files (x86), the new one under Programs (both are 64 bit versions). The old, good one had a subfolder “plugins”, the new one was at Programs straigt, not x86, and had no plugins folder, but de facto a numer of plugis. I then copied the old good plugins foler (with some 11 cryptic files, mostly dlls, one .DEU, one .FRA, one .xpt, QuickTimePlugin.dass) to the new computer’s Firefox program folder, to no avail. (Gone are the happy times of Dos). Saluti!

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It’s not a plugin. Extensions are stored under


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